Shamanic & Ancestral Healing, Conversations with Mother Mary

On Demand /self-paced e-course

“A perfect class for the times we are living in.”  ~Participant Spring ’21


What are we really talking about when we talk about shamanism?  Why are so many people interested in this path nowadays, and how can we engage in it conscientiously? 

 In this brand new ecourse, you’ll gain the essential knowledge and tools I wish I’d had when I started studying shamanism. Gleaned from fifteen+ years of my practice as both a practitioner and a client, it will prepare you for further study, satisfy your curiosity, and prompt important questions. It includes:

Video 1: What are shamans? Explore the global reach and context for the role of the shaman. 

Video 2: A guided shamanic journey, with answers to some FAQ about this practice.

Video 3: The basics of shamanic techniques around the world, including what I call the “four Rs” of shamanic healing 

Video 4: The nuanced subject of cultural appropriation. As modern, western-minded people, how can we engage in traditional practices with sensitivity and respect? 

Video 5: A primer on ritual safety, energy hygiene, and ethics. This class is a must if you plan to train in any healing modality– and even if you don’t.

Video 6: Ceremony, ritual, and rites of passage: learn how and why to create one for yourself.

Video 7: A quick and dirty survey of psychedelics and other entheogens, plus vital considerations if you choose to venture onto this path. 

You’ll also receive:

  • A 30-page workbook with additional content, prompts, and practices
  • A shamanic healing session discount
  • A curated list of resources (film, books, and more) for further study
  • A drum track to accompany your home journey practice 

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CHOICE B – $125

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CHOICE C – $80 Happily offered to those on a tighter budget

A portion of the proceeds from this course will support the First Nations Development Institute.

What students have said about the live class:

Mikki is an incredible teacher. I think anyone taking the course would learn something new and important for themselves and their journey, no matter who you are! ~Maranda, New York
A full and rich course with an overview of shamanism as well as detail for some specific practices I can take away. Open, frank discussions and all carefully and lovingly held by Mikki. ~Participant Fall ’21
Mikki is a caring, informative, approachable teacher and made this topic easy to understand, yet deep enough for people who have dabbled in Shamanism. Highly recommended!  ~LM, Westwood, NJ
This was a great course with a great community. Each session was informative and insightful while also being supportive and grounding. I would definitely recommend this course to other folks who are interested in learning about Shamanism. 5 stars all the way!  ~CG, Canada
Mikki has a huge depth of knowledge and experience of shamanism, it’s a privilege to have access to this on the course. Mikki combines this knowledge with her warmth and sense of fun to create a wonderful safe and open space for the group to share. Joining this group has been a deeply meaningful experience for me.  ~Participant Fall’ 21
This course opened the floodgates for me to finally understand shamanism and my own connections to the natural and Spirit worlds… Clear, real, and honoring… so rich and dynamic that we did not want it to end. ~Lindsay, New York