Shamanic & Ancestral Healing, Conversations with Mother Mary

About Mikki

Mikki Baloy has been practicing shamanic healing since 2009. She has studied with shamans, ritual-keepers, and mystics from around the world, as well as with other teachers and peers. Mikki offers private healing sessions, rites of passage and weddings, and retreat and workshop experiences for modern people called to grounded spiritual explorations. 

Mikki’s holistic approach to healing fuses a mix of ancestral traditions with yoga, Buddhism, and almost four decades of creative training as a performer, writer, and musician.  She was the Director of a 9/11 foundation in New York City, helping to create and maintain programs to assist many thousands of people—while undertaking her own healing journey.  She is the author of Hallowed Underground: Sacred Hope and Healing in Dark Times, which describes her recovery from PTSD, depression, divorce, and sexual assault, and she has been featured in two books about post-disaster resiliency. In 2022, she released her second book, Conversations with Mother Mary: Loving Wisdom from Her Life to Yours and is already working on the sequel.

She is a practitioner of Ancestral Lineage Healing as developed by Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine. Other trainings have included EFT, Reiki, Animist Psychology, vinyasa yoga certification, and Mental Health First Aid. Mikki is also minister of animism. Her ancestors hail from Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary, and the Philippine Island of Luzon.

Mikki stands with BIPOC and the LGBTQIA2 community and is committed to donating time and resources to decolonization and inclusivity projects.

Mikki’s expertise includes:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Resolving known traumatic experiences, including sexual assault
  • Recovering from difficult relationships
  • Grief, sadness, and bereavement
  • Rites of passage and navigating transitions
  • Supporting physical healing after injury or illness

What People Say

You have a lovely peaceful way about you which makes it very easy to trust you and follow your lead. I must say I was really blown away by the whole experience and what you were able to enable me to access. I’ve felt like some of the anxiety is lessening. My friend insists that I am completely different and more solid and stable. There is definitely good stuff going on inside and around me. I feel a little lighter and generally more peaceful which is exactly what I was in need of. I am immensely grateful for what you have already helped me with.
Contractor, Stamford, CT
I turned to Mikki when I felt lost and in need of help. Her kind, compassionate presence has given me the comfort to express and witness my needs without judgement. I confidently recommend Mikki’s services!
Gina Byrnes
Medium/Intuitive, Florida
Mikki helped me see through my depression to underlying issues that were long neglected and gave me the safe space and power to work with them. I walked away from every session feeling a big shift internally. Her patience, compassion, empathy and honesty have played a key role in my growth and for that I am so deeply grateful. If you have been grappling with something for a long time and haven’t been able to move through or overcome it, a shamanic healing session with Mikki may be just what you need.
Holistic Health Coach, New City, NY