Ancestral Lineage Healing

All human cultures honored relationships with their ancestors for most of our collective history, so connecting with our ancestors is a basic human skill that we can now relearn.

Ancestral Lineage Healing encourages safe, direct relationships with blood lineage ancestors, cultivates connection with helpful guides, and creates boundaries and support for troubled dead in need of assistance. Through this process, we bypass any troubles along our bloodlines to ask elder ones to assist in healing our lineages. In addition to being downstream of this healing, we can also connect with the ancestors in an ongoing and loving way. As facilitator, I guide you through establishing safe and nourishing relationships with the elder ancestors, and supporting the healing process

All are welcome, including folks new to ancestor work, those without much information about their blood lineages, and those with a challenging experience of family. Prior experience with inner work and spiritual practice is helpful (but not required) since much of the process involves guided meditation and dialogue. 

Several sessions are usually need for each lineage: to assess the current state, meet a guide on the lineage of focus, initiate and support the healing process, celebrate the well ones, and invite their blessings into your life. You might also like to bring specific patterns or themes to your ancestors, or to develop ritual skills in this arena. With this in mind, I recommend planning for three initial sessions to understand how this process unfolds and to ensure safety, support, and integration.

Please note that while this a different modality than shamanic healing, it might be useful to you or your ancestors to engage in those sessions, as well. If this seems appropriate and welcome, I may mention it and encourage you to schedule that separately.

* * I’m currently a practitioner-in-training in this method, as taught by Dr. Daniel Foor, and under supervision throughout the next few months. $50 per session is requested until my certification is complete.  * *

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