Shamanic & Ancestral Healing, Conversations with Mother Mary

Ancestral Lineage Healing

Ancestral Lineage Healing encourages safe, direct relationships with blood lineage ancestors, cultivates connection with helpful guides, and creates boundaries and support for troubled dead in need of assistance. This has the effect of healing the departed, healing ourselves, and extending blessings to the living and potential future generations. In addition to being downstream of this goodness, you can also connect with the ancestors in an ongoing, supportive way and let their wisdom inform your life and work.

As facilitator (not medium), I guide you through establishing safe and nourishing relationships with benevolent ancestors and inviting safe transformation. I’m certified by Ancestral Medicine, as taught by Daniel Foor.

All are welcome, including folks new to ritual, those without much information about their blood lineages, and those with a challenging experience of family. Prior experience with inner work and spiritual practice is helpful (but not required) since much of the process involves guided meditation and dialogue. 

Several sessions are usually needed for each lineage. With this in mind, I recommend planning for three initial sessions to understand how this process unfolds and to ensure safety, support, and integration.

While this a different modality than shamanic healing, it might be useful to engage in those sessions, as well. If it seems appropriate, I may mention it and encourage you to schedule that time separately.

  • Ancestral Lineage Healing single session: $120 
  • Package of three sessions: $345 
  • Package of six sessions: $680

Payment is accepted via Paypal, Venmo, or you can use the Shop to checkout. Low income sessions are available on request. 

Please fill out this intake form when booking your first session. 


  • Please be in a quiet, private space for your session, and fill out/return the intake form above for your first appointment with me.
  • Ancestral Lineage healing primary session: 75-90 min / Subsequent sessions: 60 min
  • Kindly make your exchange before or at the start of your session since we may not be in a “money place” afterwards.
  • We’ll need to reschedule if you’re more than 10 minutes late. Please be in communication with me if something comes up so that I can release your appointment time for someone else.
  • If you need to cancel, session fees are non-refundable but can be applied to future sessions or classes.