Shamanic & Ancestral Healing, Conversations with Mother Mary

Other Services

Rites of Passage and other Ceremonies

Mark a special time for yourself, your family, or your community with a custom ceremony.  I will work closely with you to be sure your intentions and desires for your day are communicated clearly and with love.  I can also help set up sacred space and suggest readings, additional support, and special touches. Ceremony is a punctuation mark in a busy life, a way to understand the new truth we’re living, with all of our senses.  It brings our ideas and intentions into everyday reality. Rites of Passage can include
  • Blessing Way for the expectant mama – a complement to a baby shower
  • Baby Naming – an alternative or addition to christening, baptism, or bris
  • Adoption/ Blended Family Celebration – to recognize your new commitment to each other
  • Retirement – Mark a new beginning with discernment and celebration
  • Divorce – Release past vows with kindness and closure
  • Personal Transition – menarche, menopause, life-changing events, milestone birthdays, and anniversaries
  • Despacho (Andean prayer mandala) for individuals and groups – offering prayers and gifts together for a cause

Space Clearing

Beyond burning sage, I check in with all of the energetic imprints and dynamics of the land and structures, helping to bring everything into right relationship. Space clearing releases any leftover energy from past residents or life events, and can even help to heal any discord or trauma in the land itself. This supports peace, right relationship, and joy in your space. Clearings start at $575 in the Hudson Valley and Tri-State areas, and take a minimum of three hours. As part of the clearing, you will receive a “starter altar” to focus your intentions and continue the process in the days that follow.

I also offer virtual clearings, which include consultation, clearing, and check in / notes for follow-up. Please contact me for details.

Speaking and Other Requests

Reach out anytime to discuss the needs of your group. I’ve presented at conferences, spoken at progressive churches, and been part of panel discussions on shamanism, animism, Mother Mary, and more. I’m happy to be a guest on your podcast or create a custom workshop or ritual for your community.