Shamanic & Ancestral Healing, Conversations with Mother Mary

Conversations with Mother Mary: Loving Wisdom from Her Life to Yours

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When a contemporary shamanic healer encounters the biblical Mother Mary in meditation, she begins a years-long channeling practice filled with grace and wonder. At the Mother’s direction, those channeled messages have been transcribed here for everyone. Recounting stories from Mary’s human life as well as her guidance for these modern times, this book also reflects on the transformative power of this relationship in the author’s personal life. So much more than the plaster statues of organized religion, this Mary is the ancient Mother of Everything: at once earthy and ethereal—and eager to share compelling messages of deep and abiding love.


A beautiful compendium of personal experiences with one of the most widely known emissaries of maternal love the world has ever known. Offering us exactly what pre-Christian shamans of the world sought– guidance and healing– it invites us to reconsider the limitations of spiritual experience. This is a healing bookBrought to us with courageous vulnerability, it’s an opportunity to look beyond the rigid depictions of Mary: to see her as a woman, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a warrior, and above all, a benevolent source of love and inspiration.

– Oscar C. Pérez PhD, Shamanic Practitioner, Ritual Leader, founder of Tending the Fires


Courageous Mikki Baloy has offered us a treasure! Her shamanic journeys have gifted us the profound insights, deep love and healing guidance of Mother Mary… A unique opportunity to embrace the spiritual in our every day, change our world, and know that we are held.
– Dr Karen Ward, psychotherapist, teacher and co-founder Slí An Chroí Irish Celtic Shamanism, author of Goddesses of Ireland: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women

Mikki Baloy’s book begins with an evocative portrayal of Biblical times that deepens our connection with this ancient world. Then, through intimate dialogues with Mary, Baloy transports her into our contemporary world; distilling lessons on shame, pleasure and motherhood; healing through music, mindful communication, and the radical act of love. Conversations with Mother Mary is a prayer that opens hearts to loving ourselves and nurturing our connections with others. 

– Lisa Levart, award-winning author and photographer of Goddess on Earth: Portraits of the Divine Feminine


The Holy Grail of so many authentic mystical traditions is the art of searching and making contact with the divine.  This book is a practical meditation for cultivating a spiritual life in a complex and changing world— for everyone hungry for more meaning. 

– Frank Vogt, Hunting for Healers podcast


Mikki Baloy is a terrific writer and a wonderful shaman. She carries on a sacred tradition that allows her to access information from people no longer on the planet. It’s fantastic that she’s written this wonderful book. Mary’s message of compassion and unconditional love is powerful, and resonates throughout. Highly recommended.

– Richard Martini, best-selling Kindle author/filmmaker: Flipside and Hacking the Afterlife

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