Shamanic Services

Shamanic healing, space clearing, custom ceremonies, and more: I’m honored to support you using time-honored traditions and modern sensibilities.

Read this Q&A about shamans.

Not sure which service you need? That’s okay:

Custom Ceremonies including Weddings

My expertise meets your intentions. Create a sacred space to release the old and welcome the new, and take the next right steps with grace.

Workshops and Retreats

Gatherings and events to connect you with insight, inspiration, and community. I am also available to customize a workshop or talk for your group or team.

Space Clearing

Release the energy of former occupants and introduce new, vibrant, peaceful intentions for your home or office. Very helpful for real estate sales, new endeavors, and renovations!


Recorded guided meditations, handcrafted rattles, and other specially chosen offerings that you can enjoy anywhere.