You’ll be ok, no matter what.

This isn’t some Pollyanna, turn-that-frown-upside-down bit of fluff.  I mean it.  You will be fine, my friend.  Whatever it is that is keeping you from believing that is the exact place that needs to be healed.

You are not defined by an incident.  You are not a victim of anything.  Banish that word from your vocabulary.

Sure, painful stuff has happened, and you couldn’t always handle it well or gracefully.  You’ve been terrified, traumatized, enraged, sick, and heartbroken.  You’ve hidden, caved in, copped out, wailed and cried, wondered why, and stormed off.  Yup.  Me, too.

And we’re still here.  And we have tools, resources, and smarts.   We want to see what comes next.

To be healed is to have the perspective and the chutzpah to know that you are not your stories.  You are resilient and you have something incredible to offer the world.  You are connected to all of life itself, and the universe – even what you think of as your small piece of it – needs you to shine.  Once you feel what that is (you’ve felt it a little bit, once or twice, right?), you can always remember and return to it.  You can trust, even on the tough days, that that loving space exists for you and you can go there again.  Healing brings faith: in the universe, Higher Power, and especially yourself.

Healing moves the heavy crap out of the way so that you can see better, as if there were boxes and – ahem – baggage obscuring the sunlight that comes constantly through the window.

You know what you’d see if it was moved?

Light, space, joy, insight, friendship, gratitude, help, love, partnership, closure, inspiration, motivation, self-care, truth, strength, abundance, lessons learned, gifts received 

You’d see yourself instead of the story.  And you’d know you’ll be okay, no matter what.

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