You are not alone

You are never really alone.  You are connected to people you have never seen, in ways that would fill you with wonder and joy.  Someone somewhere in the world is offering a prayer right this second.  Someone is in ceremony, asking for blessings and sharing their love.  When you are in church, meditation, or a yoga class, someone else in the world is doing the exact same thing.

The times may seem troubled, but there are so many of us – even in private, unseen – who are joining together with loving intentions that we couldn’t possibly believe that we are isolated islands.   When you’re feeling lonely or down, I recommend this short visualization, and I hope it brings you some measure of the peace I felt in a ceremony, when I realized the truth of our connection to each other.

Sit still for a moment and let gravity take the tension in your body.  Scan for pockets of anxiety or clenching, and bring breath into those places.  Close your eyes and rest.  You don’t have to change anything – just notice.  Really feel the air filling your lungs and expanding your chest, bathing your heart.  Feel where your body is making contact with the floor and know that you are supported, even in this simple way, by Mother Earth.

Now imagine the globe, beautiful blue, and all across it tiny flames where people are lifting up their intentions.  They may be sitting in meditation, praying at a service, getting married, supporting a woman in labor.  They are from many cultures and backgrounds, and might be singing, dancing, or chanting the words that have been passed down for eons. All of them have felt what you feel right now.  Because you are bringing your awareness to them, you are connected to their prayers.  You are witnessing them, even if you don’t know exactly where or who they are.  You can offer your blessings to them, and know that the ripple effect of their good intentions will inevitably reach you, too. 

Someone in ceremony, praying for love and light and blessings for the world, is praying for you and with you right now.  When the Buddhists intend that “all beings be free and happy,” they mean you.

You are never alone.

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