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Hallowed Underground: Sacred Hope and Healing in Dark Times

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How do we use painful experiences to cultivate consciousness and find blessings?  Even in the wake of personal upheaval —or perhaps because of it—we can re-create ourselves with compassion and vivacity. The dark times are sacred sources of transformation and grace, not to be avoided or “transcended” but embraced as part of the spectrum of spiritual experience.

Combining myths, ancient wisdom, holistic healing expertise, and hard-won insights from the author’s personal journeys through the Underworld, Hallowed Underground offers practical guidance you can use right now – wherever you are in your journey.

Become hallowed—blessed—by your own trip down and up again.

“Mikki Baloy has done something wonderful, sharing a contemporary shamanic journey of discovery and healing with humor and humility.  It is good medicine for us all. “  –Tracy Cochran, Parabola Magazine    * Read more praise below.*

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More praise for Hallowed Underground:

“In every moment we have a choice to deepen into wisdom or to remain closed.  Mikki Baloy has chosen to journey with an open mind and heart into suffering and delight and from both mine what can be learned. Her intention is to guide us, and surrounding her rich stories and that intention seems to be a courage that cannot be denied:  the courage to step into life fully and experience an authenticity guided by both inner wisdom and wisdom of the centuries.  From her, we might all learn to be a bit more brave, a bit more open and in so doing, fall in love with our lives.”

Maria Sirois, Psy.D., motivational speaker, consultant, author of Every Day Counts

“Part story and travelogue, part dictionary and syllabus, Hallowed Underground is a conversational conglomeration of Mikki Baloy’s journey to Now, from 9/11, through Buddhism and Sumerian myth, presenting the various gems she encounters along the way. Take time to read it and you could well save some effort from your own journey by learning from hers.”

Kenn Day, author of Post-Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways & Dance of Stones: A Shamanic Road Trip

“Mikki Baloy weaves an heartfelt personal narrative about her own journey through dark times and tells the story of becoming a healer herself.  The book is peppered with humor, honesty, warmth and practical approaches to embarking on your own journey. It is an entertaining and accessible introduction to various kinds of spiritual work and its important role in our modern lives.”

Gayle A. Huntress, Author of Beyond Words: A Memoir Story

“This thoughtful book  gives us validation to be normal. Pain and troubles are a normal part of life, and those who don’t think so might be in denial. From Baloy’s personal stories, to relevant quotes from Buddha and Einstein, to real-life strategies to heal and move on, Hallowed Underground is a great read and extremely helpful.

Wendy Healy, author of Life is Too Short: Stories of Transformation and Renewal After 9/11

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