Words of Wisdom in Weird Times

I’ve been checking in with spiritual teachers and healers of different stripes to see what hopeful insight I can glean in these weird times we’re living in. I’ve been sitting with all the same cultural anxieties and personal griefs that you may be feeling, too, and after feeling depressed and rather hopeless, I found just enough vroom to remember that sadness is not the whole truth.

know this.  I know, deep down, that much of what troubles us is an act of shadow-puppetry, that the real deal behind it all is Love, evolution, revolution, interdependence, and the inevitable dance toward healing. You probably know this, too.  But it can be very easy to forget when the news never stops, the work seems bottomless, or the chill (literal or metaphorical) sets in.

To keep us warmer, I’ve started collecting words of wisdom.  Please drink them in, please stay hopeful, please bring the world your own kind of medicine. We need you!

~ * ~

“If we’re not broken-hearted, we’re not paying attention to the suffering that goes on all around – and inside of – us. Such suffering results from a myriad of dysfunctions arising from belief in the myth of our separation. And when we fall for that myth, we respond in ways that serve that myth and thus perpetuate and reinforce it. And so the cycle of dysfunction and suffering continues. Who wants to go that difficult place of being caught in such a myth? But I believe it is from here that we must start. To be broken-hearted is to be open-hearted. Maybe broken is the only way that the true heart opens. Trungpa Rinpoche labeled it the Genuine Heart of Sadness. Know and accept the broken-heart, which can call out the myth and open us up to the truth of non-separateness. At times I will do almost anything not to go to that difficult, broken-hearted place – and I know I am not alone in that. I suspect we must start anew in each moment to allow ourselves to be broken- and open-hearted – and not run away from, lash out against, or numb out to the pain of it. I practice acting “as if.” If my head knows (or my being remembers) that place of non-separateness – then even if my heart isn’t there in the moment, or can only be there enough to be sad or have some inkling – I do my best to act as if I haven’t fallen for the myth, to take actions in line with what my true heart knows is the reality of non-separateness.”
– Richard Iannuzzi, Long River Tai Chi circle


“The way forward is absolutely coming into stronger alliances with core souls, meaning we must use the highest discernment and ask to be guided to those tribes/souls that we are to unify with.  Yes, we can unify at some level with everyone, but who we walk with, co-create with, show up for is something extra.  We are being asked to trust ourselves more deeply than ever before and extend that outwardly to those of our choosing.  Find and our teams and unify love. Pray together, sing together, take action to be the change and do it together.”
– Jacqueline Rolandelli, www.themysticfeminine.com


“I once read a teaching by George Gurdjieff, an early 20th century spiritual master. He taught that the ‘unconscious’ masses will suffer at times from waves of ‘mob fevers’ that can manifest as chaos, social strife and war. He taught that it is the task of the conscious, those among us who strive for inner growth, to remove ourselves from the craziness and remain centered even while the world around us may seem to be burning up. The fever will pass. This perspective helps me. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, another inspiring teacher, said ‘you are made for these times.’ Whatever spiritual practice and spiritual community you have, double down on that work and connection. We are made for these times. Keep shining, no matter what. ”
– Rabbi Reuben Modek


“The feeling you have of anger is real and just; the feelings of hopelessness and despair are not…People are beautiful and Revolution inevitable. We don’t need to grow compassion in a petri dish; everyone’s fine — we just have to scrape away a few repellant systems.”  – Russell Brand, Revolution


“The contemporary artist can do no less than to dedicate the power of his spirit and the flame of his art to bring light to the dark places.”  – Jose Limon

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