What’s an energy field?

Do you have a hard time shaking off other people’s “stuff” at the end of the day, or spend time in places that don’t feel happy or safe?

Have you wondered what a luminous field or EMF (electromagnetic field) is, or heard the term “energy clearing” and not been sure you understand it? 

Every atom has an electrical field. And virtually every single process which is keeping you alive can be traced back to an electric field that some component of your body is creating. We have measurable biomagnetic fields because we are alive, because small amounts of electricity are part of how we function.

In my practice, I compare the energy field to the windshield of a car. Our consciousness is driving, and our EMF is the windshield of the body-car. It’s what stands between us and the world outside of us, and it’s also how we’re able to see that world. If it’s clear, we understand where we are and where we’re headed.  If it’s dirty, it’s hard to make our way.

As we drive through life, we will encounter other beings, landscapes, and cars, some of which are messier than others. We splash through metaphorical mud puddles and get bugs in the grill. That’s just part of human life – we can’t help but get dirty and foggy sometimes. But that dirt can be harmful, or at least keep us from feeling our best. That windshield keeps out what isn’t ours, but since it isn’t self-cleaning, eventually the stuff that sticks can become ours.

So an energy clearing session can be compared to a carwash and detailing. Your luminous field is cleared with intention and specificity, so that you can see better where you’re going or how to change direction— and the vehicle of your body can function more optimally. It’s good energy hygiene and maintenance, particularly for people who work in difficult environments, seem to take on other people’s bugs, or encounter a lot of muddy drama.

Clearing sessions help settle the nervous system, release stagnant or heavy energies, and may address feelings of stuck-ness or rumination. l use rattles, light touch (with permission in in-person sessions), medicine songs, and other ancestral techniques to clear your energy field and guide you to a sense of grounded clarity. It’s more than smudging, though that may happen, too. It’s specific, intuitive, and often leads to downloads of useful information and affirmation — like resetting your GPS.

We can dive more deeply into what was going on with all those mud puddles, too, if you’re willing.

Schedule your clearing session with me in Nyack, Manhattan, or long-distance so you can start feeling clearer now.  We’ll get you shiny and ready for summer adventures and next right steps.

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