What I know.

There are so many calls to political action right now. Here is what I’m doing with what I know and what I have.

know that community matters. It helps us feel less alone in the world, gives opportunity for conversation, and diminishes the belief in “others.” So I will keep holding ceremony. I will keep creating spaces for people to gather. Don’t know about shamanism? Feeling skeptical? Cool. Come tell me what lands. Come ask questions. Come meet your neighbors in a thoughtful way. You’re always welcome.

know that we all need healing. We all have triggers and traumas. We all get burned out and disillusioned. So I will hold a space for healing, a safe and sacred place to facilitate what you need most. Cry if you need to. Tell me what you wish was different. I’ll use the time-tested tools I have in support of your intentions, in honor of your tenacious heart, in connection with the sacred, so that you can keep going. Or change direction on purpose. Or be in stillness until the next step is clear.

know that spirituality and religion are two different things. I know that our desire to feel connected to something sacred is a valuable asset, one that greedy and fearful folks keep trying to co-opt. I will keep reminding you that connection is your birthright, that you’re not broken, that your direct experience of Love can’t be bought by anyone.

know that we need all hands on deck because we are all in this old boat together. Whatever is your skill, whatever your passion, I want you to do what inspires you. Not because of “abundance” or “living your best life” (although those are cool, too)— but because we need you. We need you to share the gifts you came here with.

Some of us canvas, phone bank, organize, protest. Some of us write and speak. Some of us craft and design. Some of us heal the wounds.

Whatever you do, please do it now. I’m in your corner, cheering you on, and doing what I do, too.

Hang in there crew. We got this.

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