Waking up together

Feeling lonely and a little despondent about the state of the world, I got out my drum and asked for some guidance.  One of my beloveds came immediately and sat right in front of me for a chat. She was all smiles and reassurance.  Here are her words, which I share with her permission and love.  


There are people who are just waking up now and people who are very sleepy and some who won’t wake up in this lifetime. Some might come around soon or in months or years – who knows?  And some of us who are more awake have these gifts we want to share with the world and it seems like everybody’s sleeping! We want to say “Hey neighborhood or hey family! Wake up! Look at me and see what’s going on! This is really important!” And we get angry. It’s very frustrating to know these people who are still asleep. But if we go shake them and try to wake them up, they get angry at us, too, and they’ll be too cranky to really see anything clearly anyway.  We’ll just fight with each other.

So maybe it’s not our job to wake everyone up.  If it’s not our job, that means there’s nothing wrong with us and we don’t have to feel disappointed that we’re not useful enough or doing everything right.  Maybe their timing is perfect in its own way. Everything belongs to the Universe anyway, and the Universe has never operated on people-time. It has Its own clock.

Maybe our job is to stay healthy and happy, not bitter and cynical, so when our people wake up they feel welcome at the breakfast table. Let’s not greet them demanding apologies for sleeping so late.  Let them pull up a chair and have some coffee with us.

That means we take care of ourselves. We root down into what matters most to us and try to let go of whatever is petty.  We dance! We eat well and laugh often and spend time with people who make us smile. We share the good things and also the responsibilities. We do what we can to stave off the exhaustion and weariness that make us cold and hard. We stay resilient and beautiful and juicy, because that’s the love that moves mountains when it’s time. That’s the love that keeps people from going back to sleep.  They hear the party going on and they want to be a part of it! They see the connections and feel the affection and then suddenly they want more of that and they become generous, too. So take care of yourself while you wait for the perfect time.

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