The Well

April 17, 2021

2-5:30pm EST on Zoom

Create better health  *  Connect with Community  * Manage stress & anxiety

Replenish yourself and feel resourced by the care of nine healers who are experts in their fields:

Meet us at The Well. 

Uplift your intentions, discover a new modality, kickstart a new practice, or deepen your knowledge – and support a great cause at the same time! Admission is by donation and all proceeds from The Well benefit World Central Kitchen

PLUS, in addition to the afternoon’s sessions, you’ll receive bonuses & gifts to continue your journey, and access to the videos after the event. Register by donation of any amount: 


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The Well Offerings

You’ll choose three 45-minute breakout sessions on Zoom (with breaks in between)

2pm Opening Circle

2:15 Session One – Tea Ritual, Tai Chi, or Psychic Reading

3:15 Session Two – Akashic Records, Relational BadAss, or Vitality Reset

4:15 Session Three – Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Eating, or Naikan

5:15 Closing Circle

Shamanic Healing with Mikki Baloy An opportunity to clear your energy with rattles and medicine songs, gently releasing heavy or stale feelings and settling the nervous system. A guided meditation in this relaxed state can bring new insight and a sense of connection to your inner guidance and the helpful energies that surround you. Special offer: $25 discount on Shamanism 101 e-course (starts April 24)

Come Home to the Body: An Intro to Intuitive Eating with Maya Carl Are you tired of living by diet rules, counting calories or points? Does going out to eat make you anxious that you might “cheat?” Are you ready to love your body, be at a healthy weight and have a positive relationship with food? Join Maya for an introduction to Intuitive Eating. Learn about a way of living and being with food that eliminates the stress and increases the joy. During this workshop you will receive invaluable tools to help you create a loving, sustainable relationship with food and your body. Bonus: One complimentary 50 min Holistic Health Coaching Consultation
Tea Ritual: A journey through the meditative art of tea with Laura Cepeda Explore the consciousness of the tea leaves, the spirit of the beverage, and the connection to healing mind/body/spirit.  Engage all of your senses, employ intentional breathing, tasting and feeling as you observe the wisdom of the beverage and its ability to communicate energies of peacefulness, calm and soothing vibrations. By the end of this ritual, you’ll feel harmonized, uplifted and centered and experience a strong sense of return back home to self, with a new perspective about the tea plant/beverage.  Please bring a cup of tea to this workshop, preferably an herbal blend, to facilitate calm and centering.  Special offer: A sample size Modestine Queendom Reign tea
Psychic Reading with Heidi Ferguson  Heidi will be offering one-on-one readings for individuals who have specific questions. She has over ten years’ experience as a psychic & medium. When she is reading, she has a direct and clear path to Spirit and works very organically and spontaneously. The messages come through very cleanly– whether visually, auditory and mentally– without any attachment to the outcome. Whatever information Heidi receives in the moment is what she shares. The one thing that continues to be true is that Spirit never lies.  After she has answered participant questions, if there is time remaining, she will respond to what is happening in the universe. Bonus: Guided visual meditation
Naikan: the Art of Self Reflection, with Richard Iannuzzi  Tap into grace and gratitude to find balance in your relationships and enhance your experience of daily life. This Art of Self-Reflection is heart-opening and transformative, giving a structured practice for compassionate introspection and mindful next steps, especially in interpersonal relationships. Richard will lead you through specific written, contemplative exercises and leave you with resources for continuing the practice on your own.
Tai Chi for Managing Emotions with Ting Lung Review (or learn for the first time) a key tai chi standing posture, and understand how breathing and stance affect your mindset. Ting will discuss in detail how one basic posture is essential for managing anxiety. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with the tools to be in control of your body and mind. By cultivating this “tai chi mindset,” we develop the resilience to face the difficulties that prevent us from living our most joyful, positive lives. Special offer: 20% off an acupuncture session in NYC.

The Akashic Records on Climate Change, with Lindsay Mann With a background in sustainable design and a deep love for co-creating with nature, Lindsay offers this session to anyone interested in doing their part to support our planet individually and as a community. We’ll open the Akashic Records and ask: What is Climate Change? What exactly have we done to contribute to harming our planet? What step by step things can we do every day to help our planet? How can we best prepare for our future environment? Please bring a pen, a journal, and any additional questions you’d like to contribute. Bonus: 20% off a Reiki or Akashic Records one-hour session or class. 

Become a Relational Badass with Fereshta Ramsey Learn powerful communication skills through the lens of attachment theory, shadow work, and interpersonal dynamics.  Gain some practical tools to build intimacy and strengthen your relationships. Bonus: free Discovery Call to support your relational goals.

Vitality Reset with Janice Solomon In this session, we will explore Finding your Feminine Core, a unique combination of energetic practices and healing modalities that will teach you, guide you and effectively help you to access and recharge your feminine energy so you can be full of vitality now. You’ll also get a sneak peak of “In the Kitchen,” a brand new program about feminine energy, food and vitality. Free gift: Two tickets to Vitality Reset 2021 retreat (online on May 2).


The Well Facilitators

The Beneficiary – World Central Kitchen

The Well is honored to support WCK, which uses the power of food to heal communities and strengthen economies through times of crisis and beyond. 

WCK has created a new model for disaster response and has served more than 50 million fresh meals to people impacted by natural disasters and other crises around the world. WCK’s Resilience Programs have trained hundreds of chefs and school cooks, advanced clean cooking practices, and awarded grants to farms, fisheries and small food businesses while also providing training and networking opportunities.

By partnering with organizations on the ground and activating a network of food trucks or emergency kitchens, WCK provides freshly made, nutritious meals to survivors of disasters quickly and effectively. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve activated thousands of restaurants and kitchens to feed marginalized and vulnerable communities and our brave medical professionals on the front lines. WCK’s Restaurants for the People program attacks the growing hunger and economic crises on two fronts by paying local restaurants to cook fresh meals for their neighbors in need—at the same time getting food to hungry people and keeping restaurants and their teams open and working. They know that good food provides not only nourishment, but also comfort and hope, especially in times of crisis. For more info, visit

Your registration donation supports WCK, and we’ll announce our fundraising total during our closing circle on April 17. 

Register by donation of any amount (Paypal will send you to a confirmation page with the Zoom link):


The Well is not affiliated with or endorsed by World Central Kitchen.

By registering for The Well, you understand that the services offered are not a substitute for counseling, medical care, mental health care or substance abuse treatment. You agree to practice physical and emotional self-care, understanding that all activities are voluntary. By registering, you affirm that you are responsible to decide the extent of your participation, doing so at your own risk and discretion, waiving any claim you may have against the facilitators. 

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