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Munay-Ki Rites

Experience the magic of the Munay-Ki blessings over the course of two Sunday mini-retreats.

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Virtual Munay-Ki Retreat – sold out

Receive the Munay-Ki blessings for healing and evolution, from the comfort of your own home.

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Munay-Ki – part one

Learn about and receive nine blessings from Peru that facilitate healing, grounding peace, and transformation. A two-part workshop with the second half on March 15.

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Grief is a doorway to compassion

When I was about 16, my small-town world was shaken by the sudden deaths of three people in six months. One was a teacher I’d had for a semester, the victim of domestic violence. One was a student in my

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You have been through some things, I know, and you have such a story to tell. You’ve survived intense, life-changing things and come through to the other side.  You’ve reinvented yourself through career, relationship, parenthood, death and loss, or spiritual transformation. You

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Waking up together

Feeling lonely and a little despondent about the state of the world, I got out my drum and asked for some guidance.  One of my beloveds came immediately and sat right in front of me for a chat. She was

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Solstice guidance for dark times

In the northern hemisphere, we are about to enter the darkest day of the year: Solstice.  This day brings the opportunity for introspection and the release of what has outlived its usefulness.  We use the darkness to enter silence and holiness, review

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Eat the peach.

Did you ever give a gift to someone that they just didn’t appreciate? Perhaps something you put a lot of thought into it, saved money, or made a song or poem. So much love went into this gift, and you

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Our Mother’s children

Our Mama loves us.   Your Mama loves you. I’m not talking about the woman who birthed you, although she’s probably got love, too.  I mean the Mother, the animating spirit and expression of our planet. She feeds us every day, gives us what we need

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Stop talking about it.  Stop thinking about what it means and the steps involved, whether or not you’re doing it right or when the stars will align.  The ceaseless monologue has nothing to do with what is real in this moment, so

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