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Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony

Gather with neighbors to plant seeds of intention and release the heavy energies of winter.

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Shamanism 101

A provocative four-part primer of humanity’s oldest spiritual technology— and its implications and benefits for modern people. Offered weekly through the Knowledge Market.

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Knowledge Market at the Nyack Center: Meet and Greet

Find out more about this fresh and engaging series of classes, discussions, and interactive workshops, including Shamanism 101.

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How do you know if you need a shaman?

Here are five great reasons to call a shamanic healer:    * You’re recovering from an ailment and want really holistic support. Your body could be treated by your doctor, but what about your mind and spirit? Addressing the energetic aspects of

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Solace: a healing ritual retreat for all forms of sadness

You’re invited to join a compassionate community for a weekend of sacred space and shared experiences Engage in powerful traditional practices to support you in processing outrage, disappointment, and all forms of sadness productively Make room in your life for joy

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Q&A About Shamans

What is a shaman? The literal definition is “one who knows or sees.” A shaman knows or sees how to work with energy and the spirits of nature to create shifts in health for individuals or communities. They often utilize

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“The ancient shamanic art of shape-shifting is essentially the bioenergetic practice of attuning the rhythm of one’s own shape to the rhythm of something in the natural world so that we may share its consciousness…This is not supernaturalism; rather, it

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Swan Medicine

Now that the mornings are chilly, I’ve dusted off the winter coat.  I haven’t worn it since March, and when I put my hand in the pocket, I found  — well, a year-old wad of tissues, but also: a stone. 

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Burning the Notebook

One of my teachers once shared a story about spending time in Peru with elders.  He took copious notes about everything, pages and pages of quotes, descriptions and things to remember.  One day, his mentor picked up his notebook and

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On using the word shaman

There is a lot of conversation in certain circles about the use of the word shaman by non-indigenous people, or by anyone at all, really.  I used to avoid using it altogether, I’ve changed my mind despite being warned more than once

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