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Shamanism 102 five week ecourse

A continuation and deepening of our conversations on shamanism for modern people

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Group Soothing Session – World of Witches

A virtual community healing session organized by Mayday Space

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Q&A About Shamans

What is a shaman? The literal definition is “one who knows or sees.” A shaman knows or sees how to work with energy and the spirits of nature to create shifts in health for individuals or communities. They often utilize

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The difference between magic and magical thinking

Magic is a concept that gets thrown around sometimes, especially in new-age circles. Since one of my biggest priorities is to keep my work grounded, accessible, and relevant both for everyone — for those who don’t wear crystals and for

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Things that help with depression

I’ve been depressed. I’ve written about it before, here and in my book. Off and on and with varying degrees of severity, it was part of my life for over fifteen years. I wondered why I was here at all,

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Do you need to know WHY before you heal?

I was on the phone with a woman the other day who said “I don’t think I want to dig around too much to find out what’s causing my anxiety.  I just don’t want to feel it anymore.”  I totally

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