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There’s nothing wrong with you.

Mainstream institutions make money from your belief in the story of your flaws. They need you to think that something is broken so that you can pay them to fix it, whether that pertains to your health, house, or soul.

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You have been through some things, I know, and you have such a story to tell. You’ve survived intense, life-changing things and come through to the other side.  You’ve reinvented yourself through career, relationship, parenthood, death and loss, or spiritual transformation. You

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Waking up together

Feeling lonely and a little despondent about the state of the world, I got out my drum and asked for some guidance.  One of my beloveds came immediately and sat right in front of me for a chat. She was

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Barn burned down.

There’s an old haiku, “Barn’s burned down. Now I can see the moon.” I’ve always loved it, because it very concisely encapsulates a core tenet of mine: that in the midst of heartache and loss, there is still beauty. We just

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The Self-Improvement Ghetto

Jen Louden wrote this amazing blog post challenging us to embrace our brilliance.  I’ve heard a lot of New-Agey stuff like that (and I’ve even used it from time to time), but here’s where she got me: “You cannot heal yourself or

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The Monster Under the Bed

I’ve been turning off the radio lately when the news comes on, and I haven’t been watching TV news for quite some time.  When I first started this boycott, I worried that perhaps I’d be out of the loop and

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