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Cord-Cutting Workshop (virtual)

Learn to release ties to old relationships and ways of being. Set better boundaries and move forward with intention.

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The Well: A Holistic Summit

Choose from nine holistic workshops by experts in their fields, plus gain access to all nine videos and bonus gifts — all by donation of any amount. Proceeds from our online gathering support World Central Kitchen. Learn more here.

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Grief Gathering

A soft place to land, in kindness and witness with others who are feeling vulnerable, raw, or sad.

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Grief Gathering

This is a conversation framed by ancestral understandings of grief, rather than “therapy.” There will be components of teaching/context, group sharing, and a guided meditative ritual. No advice is given because we understand that grief is the appropriate reaction to

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Temple Time

A talk with guided meditation or ritual on Working with Fear, and time for sharing.

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Community Grief Conversation

An honest conversation about sadness, with a meditation ritual and time to share

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POSTPONED Free Yourself from Toxic Attachments: a cord-cutting workshop

Learn how and why to release old energetic bonds to drama, past relationships, and rumination.

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Make the season bright(er)

Most of the people I know who are brave enough to talk candidly about the holidays admit to feeling triggered, sad, or bored this time of year. Rather than just opting out, I prefer to ask questions: what is the something magical we’re looking for, and how do we find it? Can we use this time as part of our spiritual practice and as an opportunity instead of a liability?

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Shamanic Journeying, Yoga, & Cacao

Nourish body, heart, and soul with a shamanism-inspired yoga practice. Use savasana – and the power of Cacao – to enter a guided shamanic journey.

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A Day of Ceremony For Women – Full Day Retreat

Embrace your longings and deepest intentions, release and clear old habits, confusion, and fear, be heard and seen in sacred space, and feel the support of Nature and our sisterhood

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