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Munay-Ki Rites

Experience the nine Andean blessings of unconditional love over two Sundays in Connecticut.

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Earth Day Ayni Despacho -POSTPONED

A mandala ceremony to honor Mother Earth

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Munay-Ki – part one

Learn about and receive nine blessings from Peru that facilitate healing, grounding peace, and transformation. A two-part workshop with the second half on March 15.

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All Soul’s Mandala: a despacho to honor our ancestors

Create a beautiful mandala full of gratitude for the wisdom of our ancestors, and blessings to carry it forward in daily life. Peaceful and non-denominational, this ceremony is inspired by the Q’ero Indians of Peru.

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Hummingbirds are hardcore

The hummingbird is one of the four major power animals in Peru (the others being snake, jaguar/puma, and condor). I remember being surprised when I first heard that several years ago; how could such a little creature be important and

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