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The difference between magic and magical thinking

Magic is a concept that gets thrown around sometimes, especially in new-age circles. Since one of my biggest priorities is to keep my work grounded, accessible, and relevant both for everyone — for those who don’t wear crystals and for

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Are you someone who owns their sh*t?

A client came in really rattled and upset that a man had paid her unwanted attention at a party. She was with friends and felt safe and in a celebratory mood. He was the husband of one of her friends

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The Facebook Organ Recital

“I got sick last night…” “Had to go to the doctor again…”  “Woke up with a sore throat. It’s gonna be a looooong day…” Ram Das calls this kind of thing the organ recital, and it seems to be all over

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Obstacles Aren’t.

Did you ever decide to start eating better and then walk into a cake-filled office party?  “It figures.” Right?  Ever wonder why that happens? I’ll let you in on the answer, the big secret rule: obstacles actually aren’t. The minute

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Hero or Damsel?

The last time you were sick or injured, what was the story you told yourself? Were you the powerless damsel in distress, or were you willing to be the powerful hero? Our resiliency has quite a bit to do with the story

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The Monster Under the Bed

I’ve been turning off the radio lately when the news comes on, and I haven’t been watching TV news for quite some time.  When I first started this boycott, I worried that perhaps I’d be out of the loop and

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