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Shamanic Yoga and Drum Journey

Enjoy a vinyasa practice to ground your energy and focus your intentions, and be guided in a drum journey to receive healing and guidance.

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Solace: a healing ritual retreat for all forms of sadness

You’re invited to join a compassionate community for a weekend of sacred space and shared experiences Engage in powerful traditional practices to support you in processing outrage, disappointment, and all forms of sadness productively Make room in your life for joy

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There’s nothing wrong with you.

Mainstream institutions make money from your belief in the story of your flaws. They need you to think that something is broken so that you can pay them to fix it, whether that pertains to your health, house, or soul.

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Grief is a doorway to compassion

When I was about 16, my small-town world was shaken by the sudden deaths of three people in six months. One was a teacher I’d had for a semester, the victim of domestic violence. One was a student in my

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Barn burned down.

There’s an old haiku, “Barn’s burned down. Now I can see the moon.” I’ve always loved it, because it very concisely encapsulates a core tenet of mine: that in the midst of heartache and loss, there is still beauty. We just

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Little Victories

I found this old divorce-era notebook entry.  It’s something I wrote and forgot about.   I’m making baby steps towards a new life.  Little extractions.  The new EZ Pass, the storage unit, filling out one form at a time.  Taken

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Notes on a divorce

Here are a few of the things I learned during a 2013-2014 divorce, in no particular order. I kept them in present tense, the way I wrote them at the time. The healing tools I’ve been learning and teaching actually

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Wonder and Gratitude

I went to Nepal several years ago.  I travelled alone (much to my mother’s horror), getting as far away from New York City as I could for my first big adventure. At the apex of a trek through the Himalayas,

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On Spells

“In Shamanic understanding, all words are spells. Everything we think or say cascades into reality. When I repeat to myself the thought that I’m not that smart, or beautiful, or deserving, I’m literally cursing myself. Those thoughts go out into

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The Self-Improvement Ghetto

Jen Louden wrote this amazing blog post challenging us to embrace our brilliance.  I’ve heard a lot of New-Agey stuff like that (and I’ve even used it from time to time), but here’s where she got me: “You cannot heal yourself or

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