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Munay-Ki Rites

Experience the nine Andean blessings of unconditional love over two Sundays in Connecticut.

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Resilience: a talk for the UUCR

For the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockland’s Sunday service.

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Community Grief Conversation

An honest conversation about sadness, with a meditation ritual and time to share

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Munay-Ki – part one

Learn about and receive nine blessings from Peru that facilitate healing, grounding peace, and transformation. A two-part workshop with the second half on March 15.

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Make the season bright(er)

Most of the people I know who are brave enough to talk candidly about the holidays admit to feeling triggered, sad, or bored this time of year. Rather than just opting out, I prefer to ask questions: what is the something magical we’re looking for, and how do we find it? Can we use this time as part of our spiritual practice and as an opportunity instead of a liability?

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Shamanic Journeying, Yoga, & Cacao

Nourish body, heart, and soul with a shamanism-inspired yoga practice. Use savasana – and the power of Cacao – to enter a guided shamanic journey.

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Cacao Circle NYC

Learn about and sample heirloom cacao prepared in a traditional way, and experience its heart-healing energies. Register by October 10th and receive $5 off per ticket discount with code CACAO.

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Maybe it’s “energy.” Maybe it’s just human.

Sometimes, I do have esoteric answers to hard questions because the unseen world of energies is powerful and complex, and we’re all part of it. But truly, more often than not, the solutions are very, very human.

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Shamanic Yoga and Drum Journey

Enjoy a vinyasa practice to ground your energy and focus your intentions, and be guided in a drum journey to receive healing and guidance.

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Solace: a healing ritual retreat for all forms of sadness

You’re invited to join a compassionate community for a weekend of sacred space and shared experiences Engage in powerful traditional practices to support you in processing outrage, disappointment, and all forms of sadness productively Make room in your life for joy

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