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Winter Solstice Despacho

Add your gratitudes and intentions to our collective mandala, a gift for the universe filled with love, candy, and flowers.

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Eat the peach.

Did you ever give a gift to someone that they just didn’t appreciate? Perhaps something you put a lot of thought into it, saved money, or made a song or poem. So much love went into this gift, and you

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Little Victories

I found this old divorce-era notebook entry.  It’s something I wrote and forgot about.   I’m making baby steps towards a new life.  Little extractions.  The new EZ Pass, the storage unit, filling out one form at a time.  Taken

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Wonder and Gratitude

I went to Nepal several years ago.  I travelled alone (much to my mother’s horror), getting as far away from New York City as I could for my first big adventure. At the apex of a trek through the Himalayas,

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