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Cord-Cutting Workshop (virtual)

Learn to release ties to old relationships and ways of being. Set better boundaries and move forward with intention.

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Cacao Circle NYC

Learn about and sample heirloom cacao prepared in a traditional way, and experience its heart-healing energies. Register by October 10th and receive $5 off per ticket discount with code CACAO.

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A Day of Ceremony For Women – Full Day Retreat

Embrace your longings and deepest intentions, release and clear old habits, confusion, and fear, be heard and seen in sacred space, and feel the support of Nature and our sisterhood

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Cacao Circle

Learn about and enjoy cacao (chocolate) as a superfood and sacred plant, and use its heart-opening energy in a facilitated sharing circle. 

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All Soul’s Mandala: a despacho to honor our ancestors

Create a beautiful mandala full of gratitude for the wisdom of our ancestors, and blessings to carry it forward in daily life. Peaceful and non-denominational, this ceremony is inspired by the Q’ero Indians of Peru.

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You have been through some things, I know, and you have such a story to tell. You’ve survived intense, life-changing things and come through to the other side.  You’ve reinvented yourself through career, relationship, parenthood, death and loss, or spiritual transformation. You

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You are not alone

You are never really alone.  You are connected to people you have never seen, in ways that would fill you with wonder and joy.  Someone somewhere in the world is offering a prayer right this second.  Someone is in ceremony,

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