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POSTPONED Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony

A community fire ceremony to welcome spring.

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Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony

Gather with neighbors to plant seeds of intention and release the heavy energies of winter.

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Swan Medicine

Now that the mornings are chilly, I’ve dusted off the winter coat.  I haven’t worn it since March, and when I put my hand in the pocket, I found  — well, a year-old wad of tissues, but also: a stone. 

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Our Mother’s children

Our Mama loves us.   Your Mama loves you. I’m not talking about the woman who birthed you, although she’s probably got love, too.  I mean the Mother, the animating spirit and expression of our planet. She feeds us every day, gives us what we need

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Speaking with Spider

A message from a spider, or more accurately Spider: How many things do you humans make and consume that have neither beauty nor purpose?  My web has both.  Consider the strength of my home, the efficiency of my food system,

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