Speaking with Spider

A message from a spider, or more accurately Spider:

How many things do you humans make and consume that have neither beauty nor purpose?  My web has both.  Consider the strength of my home, the efficiency of my food system, and the beauty of my web after rain.

I weave it from deep inside of me, it comes from my essence, which I always carry with me.  I don’t know what I will catch when I spin my web, so I do the work and then I am patient.  I can’t wait to do the work until there is certainty – what would be caught then?  

 When there is a tear in my web, I know that I have the capacity to repair it.  I can always spin.  And so can you.  You always have within yourself the ability to heal, to solve a problem, to change how things are done.  You carry this within you.  The tear is never the whole truth – the web itself is the truth. 

And so it is with the web that connects us all.   It covers the planet.  When there is a tear in our connections to each other, you feel helpless or say that it doesn’t matter at all, that it’s better this way.  You believe that this rift is the way of things, rather than simply a hole in the great Truth.  

 You have within you all that you need to make the repairs and strengthen the web.  I will do my part.  Will you?

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