Space Clearing

Moving and realigning the energy of your home or office can make an enormous difference in how you (or clients or family) feel, and provides a wonderful opportunity to articulate your intentions for the next chapter. 

Beyond burning sage – though that may happen, too – I check in with all of the energetic imprints and dynamics of the land and structures, helping to bring everything into right relationship. Space clearing  releases any leftover or stagnant energy of past tenants or homeowners, and can even help to heal any discord or trauma in the land itself. This supports success, peace, and joy in your space. 

Space clearing is an excellent gift for first-time homeowners, an extra blessing during renovations, a big boost for small businesses, and even helpful for real estate that’s been on the market too long. 

Clearings start at $500 in the Hudson Valley and Tri-State areas, and take a minimum of three hours. As part of the clearing, you will receive a “starter altar” to focus your intentions and continue the process in the days that follow.