Solace: a healing ritual retreat for all forms of sadness

You’re invited to join a compassionate community for a weekend of sacred space and shared experiences

Engage in powerful traditional practices to support you in processing outrage, disappointment, and all forms of sadness productively

Make room in your life for joy and inspiration


“Solace gave me needed space where I could connect with my observations in the aftermath of my father’s passing. But I didn’t do it alone: I had witnesses who were caring and supportive. It was a beautiful experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is going through a transition of any kind.” ~Participant, April 2018

If you’ve experienced any kind of loss — a loved one, job, relationship, dream, or anything else — you know it can be hard to find a safe place to fully express and honor your feelings.  And you’re not alone. Most of us are feeling the same kinds of tenderness just beneath the surface.

Let’s create a safe, sacred space – a village – to move through our disappointment, bereavement, or outrage. When full expression is encouraged, as it is in some tribal cultures still today, we connect authentically and heal deeply. We even find insight and grace and make space in our lives for joy. 

The whole you is welcome here, even your resistance and doubt. Whether your losses and hurts are fresh or decades old, find solace with us.

We’ll receive gentle teachings, bear witness, and sing. We’ll have the chance to release emotional energy, and experience relief from the work of restraining it. We won’t be told how to be or how to “fix” anything, because nothing is broken. 




This is not therapy or a support group and the weekend may include strong emotions – please use your best judgment about whether this is appropriate for you at this time.

A list of what to bring and how to prepare will be sent prior to the event. If you have any questions or particular concerns, please ask me anytime. 


Be accepted and supported in whatever sadness you may be feeling, without storytelling, coaching, or advice

Feel how supporting and witnessing others can be healing for both parties

Learn new language and tools, including a communal ritual, to deal productively with grief in all its forms.

“Solace was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It was quite beautiful and profound. I felt safe to express and share myself fully in a way I never have before. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.” ~Participant, April 2018

“Mikki’s calm and clear explanation of grief and the ritual we did helped make my experience profoundly deep and moving. The grief ritual was the most powerful ritual I have ever experienced. I felt seen and heard and safe which helped me grieve in a new and moving way.” ~Participant, April 2018


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