Bespoke, prayerfully made rattles for shamanic journeying, healing, and space clearing work. Each is handmade with rawhide, wood, and simple embellishments: as you get to know your rattle you may add or subtract adornments to your liking, and bless them in keeping with your traditions. While they are crafted using Native American techniques, they are not specific to any one tradition or culture. I hope that you will create a relationship with your rattle that honors your ancestors and the particular medicine that you are making.

Please contact me for more information, commission requests, alternate payment arrangements, or international shipping. 


A hatching bird fetish and Tibetan brass bell add liveliness and music to this round and happy rattle.  $65


Embellished with three chrysacolla beads, this rattle has a crisp but gentle sound. $65



Bison hide and Atlantic pebbles are adorned with a seahorse charm. Seahorse celebrates magic, uniqueness, gender fluidity, and partnership. $65


The Buddha’s face and repurposed mala beads blend shamanic practice with reminders of the dharma.  $65


Small and light – just like its namesake. Made of bamboo, elk hide, and an oxidized brass charm. $65


One jade dewdrop adorns this leaf-shaped rattle. A very gentle, soft sounding rattle made of bison hide with a driftwood handle. $65


Handcrafted of elk hide and flanked by two onyx beads. Turtle is a lovely teacher of determination, patience, longevity, and Mother Earth. Onyx aids with grounding and protection. $65 

Green Goddess

The abundance of the earth is evoked with a green aventurine embellishment. A soothing, protective, and harmonizing bison rattle for healing and ritual work. $65