Intuitive Readings

You might need a little more perspective, a nudge in a particular direction, or a reminder that you’re on the right track.  An intuitive reading is sometimes all you need to take the next steps in a good way.

I promise direct communication and insight as it comes through, with the intention that it be for your highest good.  More than psychic readings, these conversations are meant to be healing tools and opportunities for spiritual guidance.  We are always creating our future, so though I may get hints at what’s to come, my intention is to help you create a better future with the information at hand.

All readings are done by skype, Facetime and phone. Nyack residents may contact me to meet in person.

Half-hour readings allow for one or two questions, plus some extra insight.  Hour readings allow for three or four questions, a deeper dive and more guidance. Feel free to mention a convenient day of the week or time of day when scheduling, and please pay via Paypal below.

You may schedule first or make your payment via Paypal first and I will respond with appointment choices right away. If scheduling first, please pay in advance or as your session begins.

I am open to sliding scale or installments and rely on you to be in good and honest communication with me so that we can both enter the session feeling good about the exchange.