Bespoke, prayerfully made rattles for shamanic journeying, healing, and space clearing work. Each is handmade with rawhide, wood, and simple embellishments. While these are crafted using Native American techniques, rattles -and many of the symbols in them here- are common to many traditions and cultures. I hope that you will create a relationship with your rattle that honors your ancestors and the particular medicine that you are making.

Please contact me for more information, commissions, alternate payment arrangements, or international shipping.  


Small and light – just like its namesake. Made of bamboo, elk hide, and an oxidized brass charm. $65



One jade dewdrop adorns this leaf-shaped rattle. A very gentle, soft sounding rattle made of bison hide with a driftwood handle. $65



Elk hide, brown and turquoise lacing, and a silver ankh charm are inspired by Egyptian and Kemetic spirituality, the Nile, the sacred feminine, fertility, and dualities. $72




The Hunt

The deep and sacred relationship between  hunter and prey comes to life in this bison rattle, embellished with real rabbit fur and a quartz arrowhead. $72




Tree of Life

Green stitching, a pewter tree charm, and a natural handle with deep texture evokes Yggdrasil and other Tree myths from around the world.  $72





Deer hide with a verdigris patina charm. Spider legends from around the world celebrate her creativity, cleverness, and patience (and sometimes some trickster energy, too). $72




A repurposed Peruvian gourd-rattle handle is embellished with a honey-yellow heart charm and brass bee, with a deer-hide hexagonal head. $72




This symbol represents the trinities: maiden-mother-crone, past-present-future, etc. The triangle is the strongest shape, and the simple tri-cornered knot evokes that strength in unity. Made of deer hide with python skin.   $72



Lions Gate

Created during the Lions Gate astrological portal, featuring an infinity/8 charm and blue touches in honor of Sirius.  You can read about the Lions Gate energies here. $72




Streamlined, precise, and unafraid of depths: the ocean’s apex predator.The triangular shape ofthe elk-hide here was inspired by both the shark tooth and a photo of a Great White breaking the surface. $72



Night Sky

Deer hide with brass moon and star charms evoke both the ancient expanse of the cosmos, and the comforting peace of a quiet night. This one has a wonderfully bumpy handle. $72




Elegant and warm, inspired by the desert Southwest. Simply adorned with Arizona petrified wood: excellent for past life work, patience, and slow-&-steady transformation.