Prayer to the Water

May I remember how nourished by and connected to you I am, that indeed I am you.  May I support and nourish others.

May each tear bring me closer to joy, until there is no more grief.

May I remember your sweetness and softness, and also your immense power, and know that all this, too, is in me.

May I move as you do: with persistence and ease, softening the rough edges I find, discovering the simpler way, and with no fear of depth.  May I enter gracefully and musically into the next phase of my life.

May I never be stagnant, but always find a new way to flow.

I pray for the health and well-being of all your forms all over the world, in rain, sea, ice, and river, as well as that which dwells within all my brothers and sisters.

Thank you, Mother Water by all your names.  Aho.


Written at Blue Deer Center, during Ancient Wisdom Rising, August 2013

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