Obstacles Aren’t.

Did you ever decide to start eating better and then walk into a cake-filled office party?  “It figures.” Right?  Ever wonder why that happens?

I’ll let you in on the answer, the big secret rule: obstacles actually aren’t.

The minute you decide to make a change in your life, the moment the intention is very very clear to you, the challenge WILL rise up and say “hi.”   The hurdle will rear its dear, ugly head.  Because that’s it’s job.

For most of us, this is the stopping point, the place where we say, “See?  This is the way my life goes.  Why did I even start?  Why isn’t it ever easy?”

What we forget is that the challenge is actually the map.  It’s the exact way to go from point A (the idea) to point B (the shift).  That challenge is part of the intention itself.

Let’s say I want to commit to exercising more, and the next day my car breaks down so I can’t go to the gym. I could slip into the old habits and excuses and make this the demise of my exercise plan, just like I’ve done before because “this crap always happens.”  OR, I could find ways to exercise at home and make time for it anyway, facing down the old story about how it’s just not meant to be.   It’s totally up to me.  But because this rule is a necessary part of evolution, if I don’t learn from the breakdown now, something like it will happen again the next time I decide to exercise.  So how committed am I?

This rule applies to lots of good intentions.   Want to quit smoking?  Here’s that pack you forgot you squirreled away.  Eager to meet the love of your life?  Meet this string of really bad dates.

It’s not ironic.  It’s not even a test.  This mechanism is the teacher, encouraging you to really examine the how’s and why’s of what you want to accomplish.  It also really wants to show you how nothing that’s freaky-scary is bigger than you.  Nothing.

I told the universe how much I wanted to live in abundance.  I wanted to release the old money fears and scarcity thinking and trust that there will always be more than enough for me.  And the reply was like, “Awesome! So, let’s bring that old monster out from under the bed to banish it once and for all.  Since you already told me how committed you are, I know you won’t mind.”

And… Cue the thugs who stole my stuff.  No cash, no ID, no friends, having to rely on strangers even for a simple meal.  Pretty much my worst fear.  And I was totally okay.

Even in the midst of feeling shaky, I knew, somewhere in me, that this was not a bad place to be.  This was an experience worth having, because I knew the rule:  When you commit to making a change, the challenge will come and meet you right where you are.

Expect this.  If you know that it’s going to happen, you can steel yourself, and maybe even look forward to finally figuring things out.  You can inject a little humor and detachment into the struggle.  “Cake?  Of course, there’s cake.  That’s hysterical – I guess the universe heard me! Thank you, cake, but I’m going to stand over here.”

And then, rather than feeling like a sad song lyric, you can decide about that cake (or exercise, or cig) for yourself.  You can know you’re in the very act of making the intention manifest.  You’ve met your teacher.

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