FAQ about Shamanic Healing Sessions

Who are your clients?  What issues do they tend to bring to sessions?
I work the most with women who are seeking something richer in their lives, who may have pain or fear that they’re working through or who are ready to feel more empowered and clear about their next steps.  That said, I happily work with men and women from all walks of life, from carpenters clearing anxiety to writers working through infertility, from newlyweds strengthening their marriage to businessmen moving towards sobriety.  Shamanic healing is powerfully helpful for sadness, fear, stress, phobias, chronic pain and illness, relationship difficulties, transitions, and much more.  People going through major life events often search for solutions– not just “treatments” — and find me when the time is right.


Do I need to have something specific that I want to work on?
It’s helpful to have an intention to give us a sense of direction for the session. Most people seem to have a pretty good idea of what they’d like to shift before coming in for an appointment. That said, it’s not necessary – I can work in a general way at the outset (clearing your energy field, leading you in a journey meditation, and listening to Spirit) in order to see what might be helpful for you.

If you’re unclear about what you’d like to work with, you can also start by getting a reading. The information that comes through that may give you a starting point for doing deeper energy work or connecting with Spirit in a new way.


What is a session like?
We’ll start with a conversation about your intentions and what’s been going on for you. Then, we’ll do the energy work, which is fully clothed and gentle, with minimal (or no) contact. There will be time at the end for you to express yourself or ask questions, and I usually assign “homework” so that you can continue the healing and integration process in the days and weeks to come. I do my best to keep sessions to an hour.


Do I need to do anything special to prepare?
Not really. You may want to wear comfortable clothes and be sure that you have a dedicated hour of privacy for the session (especially if we’re meeting long-distance). Try not to eat a heavy meal before our appointment and drink plenty of water afterwards. You may find that you want to be gentle with yourself for a few hours so I recommend scheduling your session for a lighter/easier day.


Can I pick what kinds of energy work I want done?
My intention is to facilitate the process that’s best for you, which may or may not include the techniques you’ve read or heard about. Shamanic healing is both a fluid, intuitive process AND a millennia-old system with built-in best practices. Sometimes people call me and say “a psychic told me I need a soul retrieval” or “so-and-so said I have a lot of entities in my energy field.” While those things may be true (most of us could benefit from a good field clearing and some soul work), I always start from scratch when I see a new client. In my experience, insisting on a particular technique often shuts the door to whatever other information and possibilities could work best right now.


What kinds of guidance and homework do you give?
There are always tools to help you reclaim your power and restore wholeness to your life. Guidance may run the gamut from ideas for changes to your diet and routines, spiritual practices like creating an altar or working with a power animal, written affirmations, book and resource recommendations, referrals to other practitioners, or ceremonies that we might create together.  I call upon every bit of knowledge I’ve collected over the years, as well as intuitive messages channeled just for you.


What are my payment options?
I accept payment by Paypal, cash, or check. Credit cards are accepted over the phone or in person.


Do you issue refunds?  What’s your cancelation policy?
I have never been asked to issue a refund – please be in good communication with me if you are unsatisfied with your session. Cancellation policy: no problem the first time /$25 fee for any subsequent reschedules.