Mark a special time for yourself, your family, or your community with a custom ceremony.  I will work closely with you to be sure your intentions and desires for your day are communicated clearly and with love.  I can also help set up sacred space and suggest readings, additional support, and special touches.

Ceremony creates sacred space to acknowledge a transition as we move from one chapter of life to another.  In ceremony, we articulate our prayers, needs, and desires in a way that is safely witnessed and supported by our loved ones and by Spirit.  Ceremony is a punctuation mark in a busy life, a way to understand the new truth we’re living, with all of our senses.  It brings our ideas and intentions into everyday reality.

I’m honored to create and facilitate these heartfelt occasions:

Wedding/ Vow Renewal

Blessing Way for the expectant mama

Baby Naming – an alternative or addition to christening, baptism, or bris

Adoption/ Blended Family celebration



Rites of Passage and Personal transition

Solidarity/Community Building

Despacho (Andean prayer mandala) for individuals and groups

Ancestor honoring