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BIPOC lives matter.

I wanted to offer a few thoughts in light of the circumstances surrounding police reform and racial issues in the US and around the world. It’s a volatile time, but it’s also rooted in generations of strife and activism. Because it’s

Make the season bright(er)

Most of the people I know who are brave enough to talk candidly about the holidays admit to feeling triggered, sad, or bored this time of year. Rather than just opting out, I prefer to ask questions: what is the something magical we’re looking for, and how do we find it? Can we use this time as part of our spiritual practice and as an opportunity instead of a liability?

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Maybe it’s “energy.” Maybe it’s just human.

Sometimes, I do have esoteric answers to hard questions because the unseen world of energies is powerful and complex, and we’re all part of it. But truly, more often than not, the solutions are very, very human.

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What’s an energy field?

Do you have a hard time shaking off other people’s “stuff” at the end of the day, or spend time in places that don’t feel happy or safe? Have you wondered what a luminous field or EMF (electromagnetic field) is,

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Eclipsed and illuminated

I felt connected to thousands of years of history, and centuries to come. Everything converged on this one moment, with me spotlit by a winter moon at its center.

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How do you know if you need a shaman?

Here are five great reasons to call a shamanic healer:    * You’re recovering from an ailment and want really holistic support. Your body could be treated by your doctor, but what about your mind and spirit? Addressing the energetic aspects of

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What I know.

There are so many calls to political action right now. Here is what I’m doing with what I know and what I have. I know that community matters. It helps us feel less alone in the world, gives opportunity for conversation, and diminishes the

Solace: a healing ritual retreat for all forms of sadness

You’re invited to join a compassionate community for a weekend of sacred space and shared experiences Engage in powerful traditional practices to support you in processing outrage, disappointment, and all forms of sadness productively Make room in your life for joy

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Q&A About Shamans

What is a shaman? The literal definition is “one who knows or sees.” A shaman knows or sees how to work with energy and the spirits of nature to create shifts in health for individuals or communities. They often utilize

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FAQ about Shamanic Healing Sessions

Who are your clients?  What issues do they tend to bring to sessions? I work the most with women who are seeking something richer in their lives, who may have pain or fear that they’re working through or who are