Mary asked me to share this

August 2021, message from Mother Mary

“I know you’re weary of the state of the world. I’m not here to give platitudes and promises about what may or may not happen next. It’s still being created and decided anyway. But here, with my hand on your heart, I can help you to feel your innocence again. 

“Some of you have never had innocence as part of our experience. You were forced to mature quickly. Those of you who can still remember it, now is a good time to practice. To be with it that part of yourselves agin. It seems counterintuitive, to play and delight right now when the world is literally on fire. For those who aren’t in a position to do something else in a practical, concrete way, please pray— and then play. Find pleasure. Enjoy being here. Love the world. Love each other. Love being here in your body. Praise and joy are potent sources of healing for yourself and others, and for the planet. The very Earth will hear your laughter and remember her own innocence. She will want to play. 

 “Play intentionally. Do not bypass   grief and outrage, for those, too,   have a place here in the big   conversations that must happen.   But we cannot dwell only there. We   are outraged because we love the   earth, we love her people. We love   our experience of being alive here   right now, despite it all. Be in love.   Allow that to infuse your next steps. 

“My son wanted the children to be near him not so that they could benefit from his presence, but he from theirs. He learned from them. With the weight that he carried and the wisdom and responsibility he held, he needed their soft joy to alleviate the pressure. As do you. 

“Do not underestimate this. 

Play, make, create, love. Seek pleasure intentionally. Do it as an act of service to the world, to me, to your family and community. Play as an act of self-love. 

“This isn’t the message you expected from me today, I know. You thought I’d have a heady message about prayer and responsibility. This is a time that calls for the extraordinary medicine of joy.  And the process that each of you will need to undergo to find that joy and utilize it is perhaps a great lesson, as well. It asks you to let go of your cynicism. It asks you to let go of notions of productivity and adulthood. It asks you to redefine who you think you are and why you’re here.  

“Love your life. For if you don’t, what good is the arguing and struggle?”