Abrete Corazon

Abrete corazón, abrete sentimiento, abrete entendimiento
deja a un lado la razón y deja brillar el sol escondido en tu interior.
Abrete la memoria antigua escondida en la tierra, en las plantas, bajo el agua, bajo el fuego, en tu cuerpo.
Es tiempo ya— ya es la hora.
Abrete corazón y recuerda como el espíritu cura, cómo el amor sana, cómo el arbol florece y la vida perdura.

Open your heart, open to feeling, open to understanding
leave reason aside and let the hidden sun inside you shine
Open yourself to the ancient memory hidden in the earth, in the plants, under the water, under the fire, in your body.
It’s time— now is the time. 
Open your heart and remember how Spirit cures, how love heals, how the tree grows and life endures.

 * * *

As I understand it, this song came through a woman named Rosa Giove during a powerful ceremony in South America, and she gifted it to the world after that; you may find several recordings and translations of it online, by her and by other singers.  I’ve heard many icaros, or medicine songs, but this one in particular reached out and grabbed me by the heart a few months ago, so I learned it and have been singing it for myself.  The nature of icaros is to create energetic, mental, and emotional shifts through the healing that is carried by intentional sound.  I feel different – more grounded, more loved – every time I sing it.

During a local ceremony last week, I was asked to contribute a song.  I wanted to sing Abrete Corazon, but I second-guessed myself because it’s not mine.  I wondered, did borrowing someone else’s song make it less authentic, less true or sacred somehow?   But then, some guidance came:

“Do you believe this song?  Do you feel the truth of it?  If so, then it becomes yours.  You make it yours, or ours—a prayer that is shared through you.  Sing it if you mean it; otherwise choose something else.”

(I know this was the message for that moment, but really, this insight applies to every communication.  Is it true?  Do I know it to be true in my own experience, my own body?  If yes, then I can choose to speak.  If no, or if I’m not invited to share, I can keep quiet or say something that’s more true instead.)

I lay on my back in our circle, nestled amongst my ceremony brothers and sisters, and let the medicine of the song move through.   It wasn’t a performance, but a collaboration with the energy of the song itself.  I was well aware of being only half of a duet.  I felt the instant reciprocity of healing: in the same moment that I offered a song, I received it into myself, the vibration moving something in my heart and my throat out of the way.  got out of the way, I suppose.

I hope you’ll give yourself a quiet moment, free of distraction, and see if you can breathe in the medicine of this icaro.  It’s a wish really, an intention for your  joy and healing.  Thank you to Rosa for sharing this song with us all, thank you to the medicine it contains, and thanks to you for listening.  I wish you an open heart and the recollection of ancient memories.

Recuerda.  Todo es amor.


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